Evil Gina (ginaisevil) wrote,
Evil Gina

the accident

I have direct proof of it in the from of a sore wrist and damage to goldie.....

Saturday morning i was rudely awakened by someone hammering something around 8:15. My alarm went off 15 minutes later and i rolled out of bed to go wash clothes and visit the mother figure a county away. I suprised her with some starbucks and she was happy as a pig in shit. As always we never finish what we intended to do when i go up and i didn't finish washing my clothes or get anything done in terms of garage fixing...but i have spring break off for that anyway. if i finish early i get a prize...LMAO. anywho...i have an order from delias and tickets to see Varekai to show for my morning at mom's.

we both ended up leaving later...her for her manicure and pedicure (thank god i got my appointment next week)...and myself for home. james was waiting for me and called me while i was driving back on the turnpike. i was wise this time around. the weather sucked and i didn't want to sit on the palmetto. my mom also warned me to be careful because all of a sudden everyone forgets how to drive when it rains. thanks for the jinx mom.

i was doing great and i got off on 836 then on the palmetto to the flagler exit. wait the light. jammed to sommore HIM. waited at the stop sign on central blvd. cross central blvd and bam. fuck...it's my fault...wait a second...i didn't have a stop sign she did...muahahahaha. so i checked to see if little old lady in camry was okay and sure enough she was. i told her i was calling the cops and she tried to convince me otherwise saying that my insurance would go up. yeah and money doesn't fall out of the sky to fix my car either when i'm broke and in college. james was called and came to join me. are cars were still attached where she hit me. the cop took like 25 minutes to get there...all the while i was sitting in my car soggy because it was raining. my dad came and when the cars were detached goldie had minimal damage and the lady's car needed some help. her engine rattled and she needed a new bumper bad. my headlight is wobbly. it's hard to open the drivers side door there is a dent under the headlight and burgundy paint scratches.

to top it all off my wrist hurts like the dickens and it stared this morning...thanks lady. the irony of it all...her house number is the same as my old house...242....

EDIT: now i have a splint on my wrist and it hurts like hell...still. i can't type or do much else and i have both a paper and sculpture that i need my other hand to work on.(the entry is from myspace earlier this week) i feel useless. but then again the lady's insurance company is. they assigned me an adjuster that is out of town. my car was over heating and they didn't do shit so i had to take it in and i'm without a car because it was worse than i thought. if it's not done monday i'll have to get a rental...i can't afford out of pocket. i haven't really been to work and when i was there someone was being an asshole to me so make me feel even shitter. i wish this shit was over but i know it's far from it.
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