Evil Gina (ginaisevil) wrote,
Evil Gina

when life gives you lemons

you make lemonade and make sure you have enough rum to spike it.

i finally found my niche at school. i'm doing awesome in some classes and crappy in others so i guess i'll break even this semester and i have my GRE in the next few weeks. james played at the legends theatre of the hard rock live casino and has another show this month. he's also going out of town two weekends for shows next month but in december he's all mine. other than that everything else is pretty decent. i hit horror nights 2 weeks ago and shopped till i dropped...other than busting my ankle and then as a result fucking up my claves. i pulled off two of the biggest scams of my college career and did spectacularly. whatever works.

let's see how long we're shut down for this hurricane.
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