Evil Gina (ginaisevil) wrote,
Evil Gina

"Photo shoots - damn this is always a mission.

First of all I am not a fan of doing photo shoots in the first place because of my fear of the camera (damn it I'm hella fat...fatty fat fat fat). Second of all because it is always such a mission.

We are a band on a VERY tight budget and the really good photographers in the area always charge. Damn it! How can I feed my daughter (whose voracious appetite is matched only by her father, Armando's) yet still get the proper promotional materials made up to assist in the advancement of my band's career?

We have amateur photography friends who take pics for us (I LOVE YOU FOR THAT GINA) but soon there will come a time where we will need more and we will need better.

Can anyone help? Could I possibly convince any pros or semi pro photogs to contribute their talents?


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