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the worst week of my college career!!!

so this week has been hell....

monday was fine enough. i went to the mall after james bitched at me for being stupid with him and jacob and we had dinner and everything was kosher.....
i woke up the next morning with horrible stomach cramps. i figured i'd chugg on through and just suck it up till they went away and when they didn't along with so much gas i felt like my ass would explode i went to work and left before i could sign in. i spent most of the day sleeping because that was the only way that i didn't feel like exploding or throwing up. the smell of food at home didn't help much either. as the day progressed i ended up with a fever.
wednesday i woke up sore and with a horrible migrane. the migrane didn't go away after 3 advil so i went to work anyway with the hope of comming home and catching up on my readings and the assignment i had due the next day. coffee at work got rid of my migrane and added more stomach pain to the mix. i went home, started my readings and ordered a new laptop battery. then windows went to shit and right now my laptop serves no purpose. i called hp and wasted a little over an hour of my life. hazim, the first tech support moron i talked to fucked me over because he assigned my extended warranty to someone else. then when he didn't fix any problem he sent me to the wrong department and finally alberto broke the bad news that hazim had fucked up and that i need to reformat. i hate outsourcinng. as a result of all this shit i haven't slept well since wednesday. i've also been stressed out of my mind.
thursday i had to ask my professor to extend my assignment due time. i spent most of the day cramming my readings into my head so i would both be prepared for class and to type up my readings when i got to work. well i didn't work i just went in to type shit up. now that i'm going to be spending more time than i'd like at work i may as well get comfy. who knows how long it will take to back up my shit on my computer before i can reformat. my luck also had the county bitching-i mean commission meeting. there was an abundance of people there that made my night hell...and i didn't work. we tried to make the people leave and they didn't want to. hello assholes library esta closed.
today i went to work and i've sold my soul to the readers. fuck you readers. that's all i shelve anymore. james came to get me after work and we went to circuit city and target. we had dinner at cheesecake at dadeland and went home and passed out. now we are both cranky because my cell kept ringing and didn't get much sleep.

we were supposed to do a "photoshoot" for the band. the think that pisses me off about it is that someone else volunteered to do it and they would rather him do it. i wasn't told firsthand. they didn't have the balls to call me and tell me otherwise. i understand he might be able to do a better job but i don't like him. whatever...not my department. i think it's just the principle of the matter that they wanted me to do it, asked me, i made time and almost investment in supplies and then i have to get information through a middleman. then linda posts some shit online how they would rather this other person do it. fuck you...just tell me to my face you'd rather someone with a better camera do it. i'm really pissed off about shit in general.
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