Evil Gina (ginaisevil) wrote,
Evil Gina


damn you car because you run on ever so expensive gasoline
damn you school because you're so far away from my house and i am forced to drive even farther for classes i need to graduate
damn you work for not warning me coral gables was closed on monday

monday i was supposed to work and school was cancelled so i was going to head out to coral gables but it was closed. driving through coral gables was depressing because half the trees were on thier sides. i wanted to cry. lights sucked though because half of them were out. i ended up tagging along with james to work at south dade and put picture books in order...i don't think that will last very long....sadly.

tuesday i sat in traffic for an hour for a class that was cancelled and put in an extra hour at work. it was like unwrapping presants pulling off all the plastic. some moron from another branch thought rolling them up would be faster...newsflash...they don't make boxes that fit that roll. my joy was writing hurricane plastic on the boxes. it sounded like something from when i was in high school...as in the girls. i went out to key biscayne for the rest of my classes to discover i have cocky professors that like the fact they assign 300 pages to read a week because they are grad level courses. hey asshole...i have 4 other classes with a bitch of a motherload of work. so after that joy i drove home in rush hour traffic on coral way...not fun without lights. i got home to the uninvited visitor...my great aunt A.K.A. radio mambi because she's the family gossip. the night before she was trying to pry info out of me about my relationship with james trying to find the weak spots..which don't exist. she was all proud of her granddaughter because she's 23 and getting married. congrats let me buy you a cookie because you've done all you want to do with life and settled. she was prying about when i was getting married. sorry but i have career goals to get through first. and she was commenting on my cooking dinner so i took the opportunity and took off. i went to mall of the south americans and found out where shoes go to die.....along with the worst music known to man.

today i mananged to sleep enough to recover some sanity. i got my old glasses back with new lenses but they broke off the things that go behind your ears...thank you for wasting my 40 bux.other than that i had a hellacious amount of books at work and they will still be there when i work on friday.

i've been cranky lately...i think it's because lazara doesn't shut up about the hurricane at work. it happened...now move on. tommorrow seems like another day of hell so we'll see what's left of me come friday....
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