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"i eat bitches for breakfast" [entries|friends|calendar]
Evil Gina

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[12 Apr 2006|05:46pm]
i'm exhausted...i quit
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[03 Apr 2006|04:07pm]
the loose curls looked really..girly. i hink igot the desired effect.

i got accepted to fsu. i'm going to apply for the job when i get everything squared away.

grad invites are done and party planning is almost done too. i have to finish my guitar but it's looking really fucking sweet. who knew that wire was really my thing? plaster is also the shit too and i have to make time to do some plaster and clay masks.

i have one project, one presentation and one paper all due by thursday. time to put my nose to the grindstone.

chihuly this weekend and maybe some relaxation!
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[27 Mar 2006|11:16pm]
i received my copy of the dita book and i'm currently reading it little by little.

i think it's pushed me further into working on my college student to real adult transistion. i got all dolled up this weekend for my cousin's babyshower with make-up and the outfit. i found soft wraps to try and do the loose curls that do not come naturally to me. we'll see how it works tommorrow. i have a test and have to wake up early so maybe i'll get dressed for work and school.
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[23 Mar 2006|12:30pm]
okay...boys with the long flowing haircuts that could be mistaken for girls...it's time to go. go ahead. cut if off. fades are nice. shaved heads too. get a fucking haircut and stop being lazy.

::end public service annoucement::
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accident update: [18 Feb 2006|08:46pm]
i have a cast on my hand/wrist and it hurts like hell. lady's insurance company still won't acept responsiblity. i've completed some repairs on my car and am waiting on them for the cosmetic. i don't know what's going to happen with school and work now that i have this hunk of fiberglass on my wrist.

congrats to the new mom as well.
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the accident [11 Feb 2006|05:46pm]
I have direct proof of it in the from of a sore wrist and damage to goldie.....

Saturday morning i was rudely awakened by someone hammering something around 8:15. My alarm went off 15 minutes later and i rolled out of bed to go wash clothes and visit the mother figure a county away. I suprised her with some starbucks and she was happy as a pig in shit. As always we never finish what we intended to do when i go up and i didn't finish washing my clothes or get anything done in terms of garage fixing...but i have spring break off for that anyway. if i finish early i get a prize...LMAO. anywho...i have an order from delias and tickets to see Varekai to show for my morning at mom's.

we both ended up leaving later...her for her manicure and pedicure (thank god i got my appointment next week)...and myself for home. james was waiting for me and called me while i was driving back on the turnpike. i was wise this time around. the weather sucked and i didn't want to sit on the palmetto. my mom also warned me to be careful because all of a sudden everyone forgets how to drive when it rains. thanks for the jinx mom.

i was doing great and i got off on 836 then on the palmetto to the flagler exit. wait the light. jammed to sommore HIM. waited at the stop sign on central blvd. cross central blvd and bam. fuck...it's my fault...wait a second...i didn't have a stop sign she did...muahahahaha. so i checked to see if little old lady in camry was okay and sure enough she was. i told her i was calling the cops and she tried to convince me otherwise saying that my insurance would go up. yeah and money doesn't fall out of the sky to fix my car either when i'm broke and in college. james was called and came to join me. are cars were still attached where she hit me. the cop took like 25 minutes to get there...all the while i was sitting in my car soggy because it was raining. my dad came and when the cars were detached goldie had minimal damage and the lady's car needed some help. her engine rattled and she needed a new bumper bad. my headlight is wobbly. it's hard to open the drivers side door there is a dent under the headlight and burgundy paint scratches.

to top it all off my wrist hurts like the dickens and it stared this morning...thanks lady. the irony of it all...her house number is the same as my old house...242....

EDIT: now i have a splint on my wrist and it hurts like hell...still. i can't type or do much else and i have both a paper and sculpture that i need my other hand to work on.(the entry is from myspace earlier this week) i feel useless. but then again the lady's insurance company is. they assigned me an adjuster that is out of town. my car was over heating and they didn't do shit so i had to take it in and i'm without a car because it was worse than i thought. if it's not done monday i'll have to get a rental...i can't afford out of pocket. i haven't really been to work and when i was there someone was being an asshole to me so make me feel even shitter. i wish this shit was over but i know it's far from it.
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[12 Jan 2006|11:29pm]
this life is not my own....
i did not choose it
i wish to return it
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when life gives you lemons [22 Oct 2005|06:22pm]
you make lemonade and make sure you have enough rum to spike it.

i finally found my niche at school. i'm doing awesome in some classes and crappy in others so i guess i'll break even this semester and i have my GRE in the next few weeks. james played at the legends theatre of the hard rock live casino and has another show this month. he's also going out of town two weekends for shows next month but in december he's all mine. other than that everything else is pretty decent. i hit horror nights 2 weeks ago and shopped till i dropped...other than busting my ankle and then as a result fucking up my claves. i pulled off two of the biggest scams of my college career and did spectacularly. whatever works.

let's see how long we're shut down for this hurricane.
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hurricane wilma [20 Oct 2005|10:01am]
here we go again
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[13 Oct 2005|09:24am]
i need a venti latte with a side of nap
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[06 Oct 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | cold ]

it's fucking cold in the library!

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[02 Oct 2005|05:59pm]
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[22 Sep 2005|12:24pm]
i have some really fucked up muppet music stuck in my head right now and i don't know why.

i'm at the school library again working on more reading summaries...well supposed to be anyway. i'm taking a noggin break because mine is smoking. i have a really bad case of senioritis. i don't want to do anything at all. the chick next to me reeks of cigarettes and has too much caked on make-up. i think the cigarette reek is the worst.
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[15 Sep 2005|03:39pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

i have the jitters..fucking coffee

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i should be working on my readings... [15 Sep 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | distracted ]

i went to starbucks like 15 minutes ago to get my coffee. now i hate starbucks at um. the only reason i went to get coffee was because i was about to pass out at the computer. maybe it's all mental. anyway they are behind the rest of the world and slow as shit. the line is super long and i'm sick of all the fake blondes and over tanned um bitches complaining about thier peachy lives. sorry that johnny left you for some other dumb sorority chick. it's only noon and they've run out of frappachinos. i didn't want one anyway but i think it's somewhat relevant. now i remember why i don't buy coffee on campus. i think next time i'll hit the one across um on my way out to key biscayne.

i might have time today and i'd love to sit out on the beach and enjoy the sea air. i think when it cools off i'm going to bring a blanket and do my in-between class readings on the beack instead of in the library. it might be less distracting too.

i think this period of procrastination is over.................................

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irrelavant... [15 Sep 2005|10:01am]
why do you make me hate myself so much
for something you did
i'll forget what happened
or be able to look at you the same

fuck you
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ugh... [15 Sep 2005|09:39am]
i'm at school in the library and i've been here for almost an hour "doing my reading summaries" maybe i'll actually get them done before my 11 class with some time to get coffee.

not having a computer is majorly sucking right about now. i would have done this last night and not have been procrastinating right now. procrastination is an art form which james has totally mastered. i got an email about my internship this morning so it looks like no nip/tuck for me tonight...just summarizing videos for that should have been done almost 2months ago. i have to give the lady the videos but i won't have time to do it till tommorrow.

everytime i have class early i don't want to get out of bed. maybe it's the 12 hour day that's looming ahead. i'm sick of school already and i just started. i have to get my intership approved and get credit for my lit class so i can graduate on time. i really need to stop procrastinating. i have so much work to do for school though. not having a working computer really is putting a damper on things.

james has a show this week and next wednesday than i am somewhat looking forward to. i guess it's enough of an excuse to get dressed up and not get scolded or criticized for taking the time to hit my closet and take clothes out to wear and actually using them for thier purpose. i'm really in the mood for sushi but someone doesn't want to go with me. i've also been really moody lately and in need of attention...HINT HINT JMW. i hope no one throws any sort of tantrum on saturday and the show goes without a hitch.

i think i may as well work on the summaries so i can read something else other than school related material when i get to RSMAS.

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[09 Sep 2005|11:26pm]
"Photo shoots - damn this is always a mission.

First of all I am not a fan of doing photo shoots in the first place because of my fear of the camera (damn it I'm hella fat...fatty fat fat fat). Second of all because it is always such a mission.

We are a band on a VERY tight budget and the really good photographers in the area always charge. Damn it! How can I feed my daughter (whose voracious appetite is matched only by her father, Armando's) yet still get the proper promotional materials made up to assist in the advancement of my band's career?

We have amateur photography friends who take pics for us (I LOVE YOU FOR THAT GINA) but soon there will come a time where we will need more and we will need better.

Can anyone help? Could I possibly convince any pros or semi pro photogs to contribute their talents?


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the worst week of my college career!!! [09 Sep 2005|11:08pm]
[ mood | livid ]

so this week has been hell....

monday was fine enough. i went to the mall after james bitched at me for being stupid with him and jacob and we had dinner and everything was kosher.....
i woke up the next morning with horrible stomach cramps. i figured i'd chugg on through and just suck it up till they went away and when they didn't along with so much gas i felt like my ass would explode i went to work and left before i could sign in. i spent most of the day sleeping because that was the only way that i didn't feel like exploding or throwing up. the smell of food at home didn't help much either. as the day progressed i ended up with a fever.
wednesday i woke up sore and with a horrible migrane. the migrane didn't go away after 3 advil so i went to work anyway with the hope of comming home and catching up on my readings and the assignment i had due the next day. coffee at work got rid of my migrane and added more stomach pain to the mix. i went home, started my readings and ordered a new laptop battery. then windows went to shit and right now my laptop serves no purpose. i called hp and wasted a little over an hour of my life. hazim, the first tech support moron i talked to fucked me over because he assigned my extended warranty to someone else. then when he didn't fix any problem he sent me to the wrong department and finally alberto broke the bad news that hazim had fucked up and that i need to reformat. i hate outsourcinng. as a result of all this shit i haven't slept well since wednesday. i've also been stressed out of my mind.
thursday i had to ask my professor to extend my assignment due time. i spent most of the day cramming my readings into my head so i would both be prepared for class and to type up my readings when i got to work. well i didn't work i just went in to type shit up. now that i'm going to be spending more time than i'd like at work i may as well get comfy. who knows how long it will take to back up my shit on my computer before i can reformat. my luck also had the county bitching-i mean commission meeting. there was an abundance of people there that made my night hell...and i didn't work. we tried to make the people leave and they didn't want to. hello assholes library esta closed.
today i went to work and i've sold my soul to the readers. fuck you readers. that's all i shelve anymore. james came to get me after work and we went to circuit city and target. we had dinner at cheesecake at dadeland and went home and passed out. now we are both cranky because my cell kept ringing and didn't get much sleep.

we were supposed to do a "photoshoot" for the band. the think that pisses me off about it is that someone else volunteered to do it and they would rather him do it. i wasn't told firsthand. they didn't have the balls to call me and tell me otherwise. i understand he might be able to do a better job but i don't like him. whatever...not my department. i think it's just the principle of the matter that they wanted me to do it, asked me, i made time and almost investment in supplies and then i have to get information through a middleman. then linda posts some shit online how they would rather this other person do it. fuck you...just tell me to my face you'd rather someone with a better camera do it. i'm really pissed off about shit in general.

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grrrrrrrrrrrr..... [31 Aug 2005|10:21pm]
damn you car because you run on ever so expensive gasoline
damn you school because you're so far away from my house and i am forced to drive even farther for classes i need to graduate
damn you work for not warning me coral gables was closed on monday

monday i was supposed to work and school was cancelled so i was going to head out to coral gables but it was closed. driving through coral gables was depressing because half the trees were on thier sides. i wanted to cry. lights sucked though because half of them were out. i ended up tagging along with james to work at south dade and put picture books in order...i don't think that will last very long....sadly.

tuesday i sat in traffic for an hour for a class that was cancelled and put in an extra hour at work. it was like unwrapping presants pulling off all the plastic. some moron from another branch thought rolling them up would be faster...newsflash...they don't make boxes that fit that roll. my joy was writing hurricane plastic on the boxes. it sounded like something from when i was in high school...as in the girls. i went out to key biscayne for the rest of my classes to discover i have cocky professors that like the fact they assign 300 pages to read a week because they are grad level courses. hey asshole...i have 4 other classes with a bitch of a motherload of work. so after that joy i drove home in rush hour traffic on coral way...not fun without lights. i got home to the uninvited visitor...my great aunt A.K.A. radio mambi because she's the family gossip. the night before she was trying to pry info out of me about my relationship with james trying to find the weak spots..which don't exist. she was all proud of her granddaughter because she's 23 and getting married. congrats let me buy you a cookie because you've done all you want to do with life and settled. she was prying about when i was getting married. sorry but i have career goals to get through first. and she was commenting on my cooking dinner so i took the opportunity and took off. i went to mall of the south americans and found out where shoes go to die.....along with the worst music known to man.

today i mananged to sleep enough to recover some sanity. i got my old glasses back with new lenses but they broke off the things that go behind your ears...thank you for wasting my 40 bux.other than that i had a hellacious amount of books at work and they will still be there when i work on friday.

i've been cranky lately...i think it's because lazara doesn't shut up about the hurricane at work. it happened...now move on. tommorrow seems like another day of hell so we'll see what's left of me come friday....
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